Damaged and Contaminated Banknotes

If you have an accidentally torn, damaged or mutilated genuine Scottish bank note, please find the relevant forms and instructions on how to obtain value for these notes.

Mutilated Note forms

Bank of Scotland


Clydesdale Bank Royal Bank of Scotland



Information on claiming for a damaged banknote

In most cases the banks will only reimburse you with the face value of a damaged banknote if you still have at least half of the banknote.

To apply for a reimbursement, fill out the relevant damaged banknote application form and send it to the address listed with all of the remains of the banknote. Please refer to the individual form for address and requirements as these will be different for each bank.

Posting the banknote is done at your own risk. We recommend that you send high-value claims by Royal Mail special delivery.

If your banknotes have been contaminated by a biohazard or any other noxious substance or hazardous chemical, please telephone the Note Issueing bank for advice before posting.