The Committee of Scottish Bankers (CSCB) is the successor organisation to The Committee of Scottish Clearing Bankers. The organisation's name was formally changed on 11th June 2012 in order to enable a broadening of membership that would better reflect and represent the diversity of deposit-taking institutions operating in Scotland. CSCB's activities and operations are governed by a constitution document which has been agreed amongst its member banks and either Full or Associate membership is available to any organisation licensed to accept deposits in the UK and which has representation in Scotland.

CSCB acts as a representative body of its member banks and, in addition, it provides a forum through which member organisations can discuss and debate matters of mutual interest or concern that are non-competitive in nature. Regular contact is maintained with the Bank of England, the Scottish Governmentfinancial regulators, relevant trade associations and  professional bodies, economic development organisations and other key stakeholders.  A dialogue is maintained with these bodies in order to provide advice, information and assistance and a channel of communication on matters significant to the operation of banking in Scotland.

In addition to CSCB's main Executive Management Committee there is a number of operational committees covering areas that include agriculture, financial crime, legal matters, the unique Scottish note issue and statistics.

As well as providing information about CSCB member banks, this site includes sections on the History of the Committee, the History of Banking in Scotland, various aspects of Scottish banknote history and historic New Business Statistics.