Committee of Scottish Bankers

Banknote tutorials

Banknotes are produced with layers of delicate details in the designs in order to make them difficult  to copy and so protect us from fraud.  Some of the best ways to avoid being caught out by a counterfeit banknote are to make sure you are able to recognise genuine notes and to check notes thoroughly when you receive them, particularly if you handle large volumes of cash.

The following tutorials will take you through the design and security features on the current banknotes issued by the Scottish banks.  From time to time, some banks issue special designs of banknotes to commemorate, for example, special events, anniversaries or achievements.  Commemorative notes are not included within the tutorials but you can find out details about them by selecting the appropriate bank from "Current Banknotes" in the menu opposite.

To start a tutorial, please select the appropriate note series from the list below.


 Link to tutorial for Bank of Scotland Tercentenary Series banknotes
Tercentenary Series


 Link to tutorial for Bank of Scotland Bridges Series banknotes
Bridges Series


Link to tutorial for Clydesdale Bank Famous Scots Series banknotes
Famous Scots Series


Link to tutorial for Clydesdale Bank World Heritage Series banknotes
World Heritage Series

Link to tutorial for Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes